Do not leak

Our desiccant is packed with special material for one-way absorbing only, so the desiccant is completely free from leaking out. Water leakage from the desiccant package will make your customers unhappy. TD-Dry desiccant has a better non-leakage properties will help you avoid that problem.

Non toxic

TD-Dry desiccant is chemical safe, environmental friendly, harmless and useful in manufacturing and human life. Main of this product is absorbing moisture, preventing water condensation.

  • If you follow our guideline in using desiccant, you will not only be safe but also protect your goods better.


  • This desiccant is easy-to-use and non-leakage, so it can be applied in many fields of industry to increase the shelf life and prolong the storage time of goods. In food industry, it helps to preserve canned products, confectionery, etc. and keep them in fresh and delicious. To electronic devices, it helps to keep cameras, components and televisions in dry condition.
  • The mechanical products will be damaged or rusted in humid environment without desiccants. It also protect the clothing, leather purses, leather or leather shoes, furniture from mold, extend the durability and longevity of these items.

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